"Standing Tall"

A major Community Art Textiles Project!

What was it about?

Wolverhampton Grand Theatre commissioned us to make a 2 storey high Giant to go on public display during the pantomime Jack & the Beanstalk - but he needed clothes!


So what happened?

We deliveredTextiles Workshops to help local people make their part of his Giant-sized clothes!  Every Participant made a decorative fabric "patch" and these were sewn together to make a huge pair of trousers and waistcoat!


Who participated?

People of all ages and abilities - in NHS Hospitals, Schools, Health & Social Care settings across Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley and the Black Country.


What was involved?

Participant groups were offered a special Heath House Studios Textiles Workshop so that each person could create a decorative fabric patch.


What were the Workshops like?

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to learn a decorative Textiles technique. It could be weaving, embroidery, printing, knitting, crochet or another exciting way of creating pattern and texture using fabric, threads, wools and sparkly bits too!  Each workshop was planned carefully to suit the individual needs of each Participant Group.


Where did the Workshops take place?

Workshops weredelivered at Participant Group locationsacross the West Midlands.


For more info call Heath House Studios 01299 861287